Minister of Tourism, Lola Ade-John Visits Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort, Describes it as Nigeria’s Hidden Gem 

Following the launch of the Ecogenesis Incubator Programme in Ekiti State, Minister of Tourism Lola Ade-John has described Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort and Conference Center as a standout tourist destination.  

Describing it as one of the most charming places in Nigeria, she emphasized the government’s commitment to partner with the private sector to continue supporting the growth of tourism at iconic locations like Ikogosi Resort, to ensure it becomes a global tourist hotspot. 

“I was so impressed when I drove into Ikogosi, the foliage, the greenery, the whole place is charming and enticing,” Ade-John remarked, highlighting the resort’s excellent hiking trails and urging Nigerians to embrace hiking clubs for exploring the country’s natural beauty. 

During her visit to Ekiti state, Ade-John was warmly received by Governor Biodun Oyebanji, who joined her on a tour of the springs on Easter Sunday. “Every community (such as Ikogosi) has a story, and we want to share those stories across the land,” Ade-John shared with journalists during her visit.  

“Real tourists don’t care much about hotels and airports. They want to get to where the action is. It is hiking trails such as this that enable them to connect with the communities in a way that they won’t have anywhere else.” She underscored the significance of community stories in tourism, emphasizing that authentic experiences like hiking trails allow tourists to connect with local communities in meaningful ways.  

This sentiment echoes the mission of the FG’s Ecogenesis Incubator programme, designed to empower residents, tour operators, and guides with essential skills for thriving in the tourism industry. 

Expressing gratitude for the unwavering support of both federal and state governments, Lanre Balogun, General Manager of Glocient Hospitality, operators of Ikogosi Resort and Conference Center, highlighted the substantial tourism potential of Nigeria.  

He cited the story of Ikogosi since its acquisition by Glocient Hospitality, as a prime example of how tourism can drive economic growth, create employment opportunities, attract foreign investment while transforming local communities.  

He said, “Under the leadership of our chairman Niyi John Olajide and with the support of the federal and state government, we will continue to invest in the hospitality sector, creating jobs and adding value to the communities where we operate.” 


Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort and Conference Center is the winner of the Best Holiday Resort in Nigeria for 2023. 

It is a captivating hospitality and tourist destination nestled in the picturesque town of Ikogosi, Ekiti State, southwestern Nigeria. The resort houses the only confluence of warm and cold-water springs in the world, each maintaining its distinct thermal properties as they flow side by side without mixing, making it a truly memorable destination for tourists from Nigeria and abroad.  

With a history dating back to 1952, the Resort entered a new phase of transformation in 2022 under the management of Glocient Hospitality Limited, following a 15-year concession awarded by the government. Driven by a passion for excellence, Glocient Hospitality is committed to transforming the resort – and other hotels across Nigeria – into world-class holiday destinations.  

As the resort embraces this new era of growth, it continues to be a beacon of natural wonder and warm Nigerian hospitality, inviting travelers to discover the enchantment of Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort. 

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