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We believe in the power of joyful memories to enrich a person’s life, and this is why we ensure that you not only have a calm and peaceful stay at Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort, but you get to create memories worth keeping – whether by yourself or with other people. Discover the memorable things you can do at our resort whether you’re a resident guest or a day visitor.

Springs Tours

The gods and deities that most Africans acknowledge today are believed to have once been human beings. These were ordinary people who performed extraordinary feats during their lifetime. Such deities include Ogun, the Yoruba god of Iron, and Sango the Yoruba god of thunder. The springs at Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort is said to be one of such deities.

Visit the Springs and come in contact with the magical tale of 500 years ago as our tour guides educate you on the legend, the history and this scientific discovery that is the Ikogosi Warm Springs.

Hill Biking

Either in small groups or on solo runs, our guests can go on this unique tour experience to ride our mountain bikes around the resort grounds and the immediate surrounding. Over the course of the tour, guests ride 2-3 miles (4-5 km), gentle downhill and sometimes, uphill (depending on your group), get to see the hills that surround the town and learn the history behind them. It would be an experience to remember for years to come!

Hiking Trails

This activity will delight our guests who want to experience this carefully curated hiking trail through the vast vegetation of the resort grounds as an experienced hiker or if you’re new to it. A perfect nature sight-seeing adventure that would leave a lasting memory on you.


Springs Hike – where guests/participants get to behold nature’s miracle at the confluence of the warm and cold spring. They also get to learn about the history of the spring and the Ikogosi people.

Power Hike – for the more experienced hiker, this is a trek further out and into deeper natural terrain.

Hiking Accessories

– Hiking guide
– Refreshments (dry snacks)
– Water bottle
– Insect repellant cream
– Polaroid pictures


For that great outdoor experience of sleeping under the stars and basking in nature’s full glory, our guests can rent camping gears and book any of our designated camp sites spread around the resort grounds. As an educational activity, this is also good for teaching self-reliance and survival skills as well as team building.

Available Camping Gear

– Tent
– Water bottle
– Camp mug
– Foldable chair
– Sleeping bag
– Backpack

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