After Rev. McGee left Ikogòsì Warm Springs, the problem of who would manage the Resort arose. Before long, the once well-manicured lawns and environment became overgrown with bush. Several ornamental plants and fruit trees became abandoned. Squirrels, snakes, and lizards took over the rooms. 

To boost tourism, the government of old Oǹdó State (which Ekiti was a part of) built a zoological park which started from the second gate and extended towards the poolside on the swampy side of the springs. The park paraded different animals like snakes, baboons, hedgehogs, lions, and many others. At that turn the resort began to experience an influx of tourists again, the economy of the community started to improve, and the population soared. Unfortunately, during the military regime of Governor Abiodun Olukoya in the early 1990s, a careless incident led to the lions attacking and devouring one of their keepers. The governor immediately ordered that they be shot – even as they were still feeding on the carcass of the attendant. That led to the end of the zoo till date. 

The Federal government during the second republic, constructed a 32-unit well-furnished lodging area called GAN on the opposite side from the resort along the road leading to Ipole Iloro, and during the regime of Otunba Niyi Adebayo, the first civilian governor of Èkìtì State, 14 different rooms and suites were constructed after the Western Villa. These and a 9-rooms staff quarters were built and were all well-furnished. 

Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort got to the highest peak of recognition and development it had ever attained during the first administrative tenure of Governor Kayode Fayemi. Unfortunately, the successive government after his first tenure did not share his passion for the resort, which led to the decay of the facilities and massive resignation of workers. 

Following a decision by Governor Fayemi that a concession to a private sector player was better for the management of the resort (and a subsequent unsuccessful concessioning attempt), the Fayemi administration – at the twilight of his second tenure in 2022, awarded and handed over a 15-year concession for the management of the resort to Glocient Hospitality Limited. Glocient Hospitality currently runs the Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort 

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