Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer transportation packages from Lagos or Abuja to your resort?
No, but we do arrange Airport transfer from Akure Local Airport to the resort ( it’s a 45mins drive)

Can you engage in other activities at the resort without paying for rooms?
Yes, you can visit the warm springs, swim at the pool, take our hiking tour and engage in other activities without paying for rooms at the resort.

Do you offer discounted rates on your rooms?
Yes, we offer discount for group bookings and corporate booking (10 rooms and above)

Do I have to get a room in the resort even though I plan to spend the night at the camping site?
No, you do not necessarily have to get a room to engage in the camping activity, however, based on experience, we encourage our campers to get a room so that they have a place to lodge their belongings.  

Are you open to collaborations and partnerships? What are your contact details for such?
Yes, we are open to collaborations and partnerships. Please send an email to

Do you organize transportation and logistics for large groups interested in visiting the resort?
No, but we can organize Airport transfer from Akure Local Airport to the resort

Do you offer weekend packages?

Yes, we have weekend packages, for more information feel free to visit our website to request for a customized weekend package

How can one get to your resort? Directions?
The closest airport to us is the Akure Airport. You can find direct transportation from the airport or enter Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort into a digital map and follow the direction
If I’m paying for a room at the resort, do I have complimentary access to the Warm Springs and other activities?

You get complimentary access to our Thermal Swimming pool; however you still have to pay for other activities at the resort.