Unravel Your Nature of Love

Love, like the cascading waters of Ikogosi, flows in its own unique rhythm. Are you a passionate torrent, a serene pool, or something in between? Take this quiz and discover the hidden depths of your own love language, guided by the whispers of nature and the magic of Ikogosi Warm Springs.

Rediscover Romance in Nature's Treasure Trove 

 Complimentary packages: 

Valentine Treats

Experience a warm welcome with special Valentine’s treats from us — you will be greeted with a complimentary bottle of fine wine, and a decadent chocolate cake on arrival.

Cupid Breakfast

Enjoy daily romantic breakfast at the enchanting Olosun Restaurant, where breathtaking views melt into whispers of love, and romance meets culinary delight.

Hiking and Springs tour

Put on your explorer hat and take a hike through the hills to tour the warm springs with your partner. Witness the breath-taking landscape of Ikogosi up close as your love story unfolds.

Visit to Arinta Waterfall

Take a road trip to the nearby Arinta Waterfall and witness the magic of nature on a whole new level. Immerse yourself in the experience and create memories that last a lifetime. 

Book your Getaway

Three curated packages, three paths to unravel your love this Valentine’s.

Standard/Superior Room (two-night stay) 





Suites (two-night stay)





Executive Room (two-night stay)





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