Biking Adventure

Biking Adventure

Rule the edge

Enjoy a 2-day bike-and-hike adventure for those who want to rule the edge. Whether you arrive alone to explore your enthusiasm while meeting others of like mind, or you come as a group to tackle fresh challenges together, this package is designed to provide a comprehensive and memorable experience for cycling enthusiasts of all levels.

Individual Package​

This seasonal package is designed to provide an opportunity for individuals to channel their inner rider and engage other riding enthusiasts for a structured, exciting holiday riding experience.

Group Package​

You and your group probably all belong to a riders’ club, or perhaps you’re just a group of friends who love to “Go”. You enjoy pushing yourselves while living the healthiest life possible, physically, and mentally. You may have been riding on flatland (Lagos, probably) and you thirst for the undulating terrain of Ikogosi’s hills. We at the Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort provide custom packages that enable teams get the most out of a riding expedition while having a holiday experience that leaves you all feeling refreshed in true Ikogosi fashion.

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